Although is am listing specialties I want you to know that I treat people not disorders. I do not like to categorize or label people. I see each person as an individual with his/her own personal story. I want to see how we can work together to help you live a more authentic life filled with the riches of being alive.

Trauma: I have worked extensively with both developmental trauma and shock trauma. I have worked with individuals suffering from PTSD due to physical, emotional and sexual abuse; sexual assault, relationship violence, survivors of torture, combat veterans, and many other causes.

Sexuality and Intimacy: One must feel safe in order to have intimacy in any relationship. I work with couples and individuals in creating intimacy and finding the roadblocks to intimacy. We are all sexual beings and working with one’s sexuality requires a sex positive and respectful approach. I have worked with sexual issues with all ages, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and polyamory.

Grief and Loss: We all face losses during our life and it is helpful to have a place to express and integrate the grief that is safe and supportive. We each have our own way of experiencing grief and loss.

Recovery/Addiction: This can be a chemical dependency or behavioral compulsions such a food, sex, pornography, relationships, work, etc.

Couples/Relationship Therapy: Trained in IMAGO Relationship therapy I help couples, married or not, to better communicate and learn to resolve conflicts in a respectful way and improve their relationship.

Life Transitions: Transitions are continuous and can be joyous or upsetting. Whether the transition is from single life to married life, from college to a career, becoming a parent, losing a loved one, a move, aging or other life occurrences, therapy can help. It provides you with a space to release emotions, thoughts, and behaviors regarding these new situations and an opportunity to create new coping skills.