Couples Therapy

Couples come to me for a variety of reasons, married or not and regardless of sexual orientation, to understand themselves and the dynamics at play in their relationship. Some couples come to me for premarital counseling and/or to enhance the pleasure they are deriving from their relationship. Other couples seek IMAGO relationship therapy because they notice they have drifted apart or are having the same arguments over and over. I use the IMAGO relationship model combined with my knowledge of somatic psychotherapy when working with couples. In a supportive, fun and creative environment we work together to build trust and intimacy in their relationship through specific communication skills that help create a feeling of safety so they may connect on a deeper level and rebuild their relationship. Relationships are intended to help us heal our wounds and help us grow to enjoy a joyous and rich life.

Request a consultation online or call me at 858-336-3740 to talk about what you are looking for in couples counseling.