bioenergetics1Every physical expression of the body has meaning: a handshake, one’s posture, the look in one’s eyes, the tone of voice, one’s breathe. These expressions can become fixed and habitual and tell a story of our past. Many people have lost touch with the language of their body expressed through sensations, impulses, intuition and gut feelings. They are taught to ignore this body information and depend only on thoughts and so get stuck in their heads. This creates a dynamic of pushing beyond one’s limits and can end with states of unhappiness, exhaustion, disease and wondering what happened. Contemporary Bioenergetic Analysis is an effective somatic-relational psychotherapy that helps resolve emotional issues by working with the wisdom of the body, releasing the pain of the past, restoring a feeling of aliveness, and gaining energy to navigate the challenges of life.

bioenergetics2As a Bioenergetic therapist I believe strongly in the connection between our mind, body and emotions and that all three need attending to in order to facilitate healing and create lasting change. I am trained to work with one’s thoughts, emotions, nervous system (polyvagal system), and muscular system. Bioenergetic therapy adheres to the standards of traditional talk therapy and adds a physical element helping clients to gain more body awareness and release some of the habitual muscular holding patterns.


Many people seek out Bioenergetic therapy because they have experienced the benefits and limitations of traditional talk therapies and feel there is still something more in themselves that needs attention. Working with the body in psychotherapy helps draw out an inner knowledge that no amount of reading or talking could ever do. I believe growth and change occur best within the safety of an authentic relationship where there is mutual trust and respect. I am committed to providing high quality professional care in a safe, confidential and respectful environment.

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, it should be a life enhancing experience. Request a consultation online or give me a call at 858-336-3740 to get started!