As of 2017, 34 million Americans are exploring meditation.  Join me in learning a radically freeing form of meditation called instinctive meditation.

Sunrise from Crown Point, San Diego, CA

Whether you’re new to, or experienced with meditation I can help you find trust in yourself, the strength to navigate life’s challenges and the ability to embrace pleasure, joy and love in your life. With 40 plus years of experience with my own meditation practice and 30 plus years as a somatic psychotherapist , I offer supervision for psychotherapist, Training & Workshops and talks on a variety of subjects integrating different modalities such as Contemporary Bioenergetics, Imago, Yoga and Meditation.

Many people think of meditation as sitting still, cross legged on a cushion.  They think it is about stopping the brain from thinking.  Let me introduce you to a radical new form called Instinctive Meditation.  It is about accepting everything that happens in a conversation with the essence of live.  Every moment of meditation is an adventure into an intimate and sensual relationship by noticing what is going on just in being alive.  By using the basic elements of life…breathing, listening, seeing, loving you can find your doorways into your meditative states.

As your coach I will help you find your specific doorways into meditation.  I will help you find techniques that are individual to you and that you love so much you want to spend time with meditation every day.  We will find your individual preferences and timing. I will teach you how to accept the rhythms of your experience. To set up a consultation call me at 858-336-3740.