Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Private Sessions


Something led you to this page about  meditation — your curiosity, your desire to explore, a longing for a little rest and relaxation, or the recommendation of a friend or doctor.  Maybe you have tried it before and think “I’m just not good at it” or maybe you have an ongoing practice and are just curious about what my private sessions are about.  Welcome, come on in.

Meditation is a  gift to give yourself.  It is a way to experience a higher quality of life just by going inside yourself and touching your center for a moment.  It is a brief retreat from your outer world that lets you re-enter it with a more vivid presence.

Meditation and yoga have been shown to be effect in relieving anxiety, lowering blood pressure and quieting the nervous system. Mindfulness and Meditation can also help with excessive mental activity that is unsettling, and staying present in the here and now. Each can enhance a person’s capacity to experience life more fully.

I personally have a meditation and yoga practice and I am a certified yoga instructor. I have been studying Instinctive Meditation using the Radiance Sutras as a guide since 2011 with Lorin Roche, Ph.D and am a Certified Meditation Teacher, completing a 200 hour Training.

So what is Instinctive Meditation?  It is a revolutionary form of meditation that allows you to find your own style and personal pathway into meditation that is based on a path of intimacy with oneself, and the universe,  not a path of renunciation. It is not about trying to control our “monkey minds.”  Through instinctive meditation, you will learn that a calm, clear, and open mind naturally comes when you allow yourself to follow your natural rhythms.   While working with me, we will discover your pathways into your meditative states looking at what senses do you cherish, what instincts speak to you, do you want to move or sit or lie down while you meditate.  What works for you to create a daily practice.  What is your rhythm?

I will help you discover your pathways to your natural mediative states.  Give me a call at 858-336-3740 or email me at to begin this amazing adventure of instinctive meditation.