About Me

Diana Guest“Meditation is the practice of falling involve with life.”  – Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine, creators of Instinctive Meditation

It’s hard to get to know someone with just a few words but I will try to tell you some things about me. I believe strongly in the connection between our mind, body, and emotions and that all three need attending to in order to facilitate healing and create lasting change. I believe growth and change occur best within the safety of an authentic relationship where there is mutual trust and respect. I am committed to providing high quality professional care in a safe, confidential and respectful environment where new ways of relating and being in the world can be explored and experienced leading to a person living a more authentic life. My goal is to help people feel more alive and experience more pleasure, joy and love in their lives

I am certified in Instinctive Meditation Coach.  I have a personal meditation and yoga practice.  I had an “on and off” relationship with my meditation practice since my early 30s, thinking I just couldn’t do it right.  I couldn’t stop my mind.  Then in 2011, during my yoga teacher training,  I met Lorin Roche and he introduced me to Instinctive Meditation and  now I have had a daily meditation practice.   I began studying with him and completed a 2 year meditation teacher training and was certified in 2017.

I am a published author and have been a keynote speaker and presented workshops at local, national and international conferences. I am available for workshops and speaking engagements in addition to my meditation coaching individuals and groups.

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