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Becoming Grounded: A detailed guide for Bioenergetic therapists

“Here is a book of great clarity on a fundamental theme at the heart of therapeutic bioenergetic process: “Grounding”. All therapists should refer to this book, which provides a set of essential exercises for therapeutic practice.” – Guy Tonella, International Faculty for IIBA, France

“This gem of a book distills the essence and the practice of “grounding” in Bioenergetic Analysis. Its simplicity belies the years of practice wisdom that have gone into making the ideas and the exercises crystal clear and so easily accessible. An indispensable handbook for all practitioners of Bioenergetic Analysis.”Garry Cockburn, Local Faculty, New Zealand Society for Bioenergetic Analysis. Past President of the IIBA

“I especially appreciate the authors taking Lowen´s definitions of grounding: Self- Awareness, Self-Possession and Self-Expression to adapt those concepts to present day references based on neuroscience.”Odila Weigand, International Faculty for IIBA, Brazil

“I believe this book will become a classic in the somatic field.  It is readable and very relatable.”Helen Resneck-Sannes, International Faculty for IIBA, USA

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Here are some examples of Bioenergetic exercises to help with grounding and being more present.  I am the voice directing Nicole and Maggie. To learn more about Bioenergetic Analysis call me at 858-336-3740.

Stressless: The Body as guide DVD
I co-authored this instructional DVD that features bioenergetic exercises and a meditation.


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‘Where’s My Real Life? I know I put it somewhere.’
A book I co-authored, available bound or as a pdf.


This book is a guide to a positive approach to stress.  It is filled with examples, suggestions and exercises to help you learn how to reduce and/or manage the stressors of life.

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