I have had the opportunity to go through a series of meditation sessions with Diana, it was an amazing experience! She provided an environment, regardless of location, that was nurturing, safe, and peaceful. I learned so much, meditation has become part of my wellness each and everyday!  GIULIA, San Diego

My testimonial of meditation coach Diana Guest.

I am a healthy example of a wonderful meditation practice.  Thank you Diana, you have helped me better understand the value of meditation.  I have gained a reinforcement of the meditation process, and I deeply value the benefits that I continue to feel.

Thank you, Janet

My husband and I attended a meditation workshop given by Diana Guest.   We have meditated before and have taken classes on other meditation methods.  We absolutely loved Diana’s approach.  Her technique is an effective and feel good way of meditating.  It is easier and more relaxing than anything else we have tried.  We left the workshop excited to try her suggestions.    MARY DELLA FERA